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Accelerated Reader (A.R.)is a program we use at Durham Elementary School.  Students read books at the appropriate reading level and they read at their own pace.  Students then take a quiz on what they have read.  The information gathered from the quiz will give students, teachers, and parents immediate feedback on the student's reading and vocabulary progress. 

Thanks to the generosity and support of our PTS organization, our program has been greatly expanded.

Using  AR Bookfinder, students can search a list of over 150,000 titles from home. They can enter their own reading level range and then add keywords to search for subjects they're interested in. Now many of the books in your home or public library may be used with our reading program.

With the user name and password provided by your student's teacher, parents and students can monitor progress using Renaissance Home Connect.  You can even set your account to automatically notify you by email when your student takes a quiz.


DreamBox is a program of game based mathematics concept and skill development.  It is critical that students do not receive help or hints from parents or other people while playing.  The games are adaptive (they guide the student to appropriate activities based on the mistakes they make).  If you keep them from making a mistake, you deny them the practice they need to develop that skill.
Your child should get his/her user name and password from his/her teacher.


ConnectED is the link to your student's Math (Everyday Math) and Language Arts (Treasures) digital content.
 Your child should get his/her user name and password from his/her teacher.


Click here to log in to Prodigy.  Ask your teacher for your class code if you are joining for the first time.
Type to Learn
Click here to log in to Type to learn.  You will need:
Account Code: 2PH3HT
User Name: 2xxxxx      (xxxxx represents your AR password)
Password: tigers1
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