Courtyard Project

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The Durham Elementary Courtyard Project began in the summer of 2009.  It has been the long time vision of our staff, inspired by Retta Wilmarth (retired 2nd grade teacher), that we make the Courtyard at Durham Elementary School a beautiful place for learning.  The culmination of this year long project will take place on April 29, 2010 with a Courtyard Ribbon Cutting ceremony.  Durham Elementary will honor all of the hard work of the volunteers, our "Royal Court of the Courtyard," that brought this vision to life.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held April 29, 2010

The weather was perfect for our Courtyard Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held Thursday, May 29th.  Students, staff and volunteers came together to celebrate our beautiful new courtyard.  Volunteers were presented with certificates of appreciation for their efforts.  A special engraved rock was placed in the fountain

"Dedicated to Retta's endless flow of positive energy…"

This project is a reflection of our amazing school community. 

Thank you to everyone!


Honored members of our "Royal Court of the Courtyard"

who volunteered their time and energy to see that this project was completed:


TerraScapes Landscape

North Star Engineering


Bob's Concrete Pumping

Cooper's Landscaping


Hodge's Nursery

Jones Construction


United Rentals

Guy Rents

The Earthworm Soil Factory

Rolfe Trucking

Zamora Sod Farm

Todd, Carol, Jacob, Jason, & Zack Perkins

Maria Rock

Jay Lowe

Ken Hodge

Robert Nowak

Dennis, Kristen, Colby, & Conner Cargile

Ramie Pisenti

Allison Brigham

Roni & Shin Masuda

Terry, Jona, & Conner O'Shea

Retta Wilmarth

David Coffee

Rob & Bobbi Abold

Nick Starzer

Bob, Marci, Mackenzie, & Nathan Paddock

Priscilla & Logan Messick

Ron Krieg

Mike & Kellie Marrs

Heather Ferris

John, Christy, Grace, Joe, Grant, & Claire Patterson

Robert, Angela, Matt, & Lexi Vanella

Chuck, Jenny, Nick, & KatyLynn Jenkins

Miriam Dennis

Matt & Eva-Lis Southam

Kim Hueckel

Holly & Brooke Young

Tina Keene

Cynthia Argo

Ann Murphy

Tad & Connie Alexander

Kevin Martin

Keaton Wilson

Christy Dyrr

Wade, Kimberly, Natalie, & Abigail Thorpe

Matt Davis

Drew Edwards

Ed Hernandez

Rick Banta

Click here to view more photos of our courtyard renovation!

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Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who brought this project to life!

Our Courtyard Volunteers include community members, parent volunteers, staff, and students!

A fantastic crew of helpers at Durham Elementary School!

This is what makes Durham a great place to live and go to school!