Durham Elementary School maintains high expectations for student achievement. At least annually, students are administered the following tests:
  • CBM Test -- Curriculum-Based Measurement (site)
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment Test (state)
  • District selected publishers tests from curriculum
  • STAR/Accelerated Reader (site)
In addition to these summative assessments, teachers also administer formative (ongoing) end-of-chapter or theme assessments. Both the school and the district hold individual performance and test scores to be a high priority. The scores are reported to administrators and teachers and mailed to parents each year.

After we review our data, students who have not been successful with the regularly-delivered curriculum are provided intensive intervention programs such as:
  • Focused Approach
  • Reading Mastery
  • Corrective Reading

Students are regularly monitored, and when success has been achieved, the intervention is discontinued.