Grade Level Web Pages and Staff Links

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TK & Kindergarten
    Ms. Barlow - email
    Miss Debord - email
    Mrs. Gobel - email
    Ms. Statton - email
First Grade 
    Mrs. Del Carlo - email
    Mrs. Lamb - email
    Ms. Matthews - email
    Mrs. O'Shea - email
Second Grade
    Mrs. Brown - email
    Mrs. Grassmyer - email
    Mrs. Shanks - email
Third Grade Web Page 
    Ms. Hardesty - email
    Mr. Mullins - email
    Mrs. Pisenti - email
    Mrs. Vernau - email
Fourth Grade  Web Page
    Mrs. Halley - email
    Mrs. Lincoln - email
    Mrs. Masuda - email
    Mr. Coffee - email
    Mr. Martin - email
    Mr. McCutcheon - email
Resource Teacher

Title 1 Teacher
    Mrs. Houtman - email
Special Education Teacher
    Mr. Anderson - email
Special Education Paraprofessionals
    Mr. Chavez - email
    Mrs. Harris - email
    Ms. Schaffert - email
Physical Education
    Mr. Glover - email
Behavioral Specialist
    Mrs. Richer - email
Visual and Performing Arts
    Mrs. Farrage-Johnson - email

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
   Mrs. Happich-Bowhall - email
   Mrs. Tolzmann - email

     Mr. Persaud - email
District Nurse
    Mrs. Mercado - email
   Miss Ellis - email
Librarian Tech
    Mrs. Cargile - email

    Mrs. Slightom, mgr - email
    Mrs. Parker - email

Migrant Education
    Mrs.Mendoza - email
    Mr. Sanchez - email
    Mrs. Dunbar - email
    Ms. Montante - email
    Mrs. Spafford - email       
    Ms. Warden - email

    Mr. Stotler - email
    Mr. Payton
    Mrs. Prentice - email
    Miss McCune - email
    Miss Williams - email