Grade Level Web Pages and Staff Links

DES Staff

    Ms. Barlow email
    Mrs. Gobel  email
    Miss Matthews email
    Ms. Statton                                          email
First Grade 
    Mrs. Del Carlo email
    Mrs. Lamb                                           email
    Mrs. O'Shea email
Second Grade
    Mrs. Brown email
    Mrs. Grassmyer email
    Mr. Mullins                                           email
    Mrs. Shanks         email
Third Grade Web Page 
    Ms. Hardesty   email
    Mrs. Pisenti email
    Mrs. Vernau email
Fourth Grade  Web Page
    Mrs. Halley                                          email
    Mrs. Lincoln                                         email
    Mrs. Masuda email
    Mr. Coffee email
    Mr. Martin email
    Mr. McCutcheon email
Resource Teacher
    Mrs. Garcia email

Title 1 Teacher
    Mrs. Houtman email
Special Education Teacher
    Mr. Anderson email
Special Education Paraprofessionals
         Mr. Chavez                                    email
         Mrs. Harris                                     email
         Ms. Schaffert                                  email
Physical Education
    Mr. Glover email
Behavioral Specialist
    Mrs. Richer                                         email
Visual and Performing Arts
    Mrs. Farrage-Johnson email

Deaf and Hard of Hearing
   Mrs. Happich-Bowhall email
   Mrs. Tolzmann email

     Mr. Persaud email
District Nurse
    Miss Mercado email
   Mrs. McKinney-Brown                         email
Librarian Tech
    Mrs. Cargile email

    Mrs. Slightom, mgr               email
    Mrs. Parker

Migrant Education
    Mrs.Mendoza      email

    Mrs. Lori Dunbar email
    Ms. Montante                                      email
    Mrs. Spafford email       
    Ms. Warden                                         email

    Mr. Stotler
    Mr. Payton
    Mrs. Henry email

    Miss Williams                   email
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