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Good news –  DES/ DIS  has subscribed to Scholastic GO!, the most comprehensive source of nonfiction content, up-to-date information, and homework help targeted to students in grades 2 and up!  Scholastic GO! Enables your children to have a differentiated learning and/or research experience by having the choice of logging in to one of four Scholastic GO! domains that best pertains to their need or grade level: Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. 

Your children can access Scholastic GO! Anywhere there is an Internet connection, including your home! This interactive resource is the ultimate homework helper and it will help students with research projects and reports and extend the learning beyond school hours.  Here’s what Scholastic GO! Includes:

  • Access to over 120,000 articles at multiple reading levels and perspectives.
  • An eclectic and authoritative mix of media including videos, photos, audio clips, and maps.
  • 340,000 continuously updated and vetted web sites.
  • GOTube videos that engage children around key learning moments.
  • A collection of over 1,100 world newspapers in 73 languages representing 195 countries.
  • Over 1,200 clickable maps with an exhaustive array of drill-down content behind it.
  • Limitless access to all the great Scholastic GO! Content with access anywhere there’s an internet connection.

For details about your school’s subscription to Scholastic GO! and easy instructions for using Scholastic GO! from home, please contact:

DES Library/ Kristen Cargile - 530.895.4691 ext 236

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Library News

Welcome to Durham Elementary School Library!

My name is Kristen Cargile and I am the library technician at DES. Your children will be learning why libraries are such wonderful places, how to take care of their library books, and how to choose a good book at their reading level. I recommend that students keep their library books in their backpacks when they are not reading them. They should bring their book back and forth to school everyday. If they get into this habit, they will always have their book available on library day. Please take the book out at home and share it with your child.

Students begin checking out books approximately 2 weeks after the school year starts. Please remember when your child checks out a book, it must be returned or renewed by the due date. Please see our Library book check out policies. Books are checked out for 2-weeks for grades 2nd -5th and one week for kindergarten and 1st grade. If a student should lose a book or it is damaged, parents/guardians will need to pay for the book. It is important to maintain our library books for the years to come and the responsibility of caring for materials is an important concept for children to learn. A student with overdue books for more than 3 weeks will not be allowed to check out books until that book is returned.

But most of all- read the books and enjoy!

All classes visit the library once a week. Students may also visit the library individually throughout the day as well as before and after school. You may view the library schedule to see when specific classes visit the library.

There are computers in the library available to students throughout the day for Accelerated Reader tests.

Book check-out policy

Kindergarten- Students may check out 1 book per week

1st- Students may check out 1 book per week

2nd- Students may check out 3 books per week

3rd- Students may check out 3 books per week

4th- Students may check out 4 books per week

5th- Students may check out 4 books per week.

Library Hours

  Monday - Closed                                                                                                                                                    Tuesday - Friday  ~  7:30 am - 3:30 pm                                                                                                                  Closded for lunch  ~  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

New Parent Education materials available in library! 

New Parent Education materials list in Spanish!

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