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Attendance & Grades

Access to attendance and grades is now available online via Aeries!

You may access your student's attendance and grades in Aeries from any computer with Internet access. From your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), go to  Your User ID and Password are unique to your student's file. You may obtain this information at the Durham High School office.

Once logged in to Aeries, you will have the following options:

  • Current Grades and Attendance: Check your student's current grades, total absences, and tardies for each class.

  • End-of-Term Grades: View term grades earned previously in this school year.

  • Complete Attendance Record: Check attendance for the current school term.

  • Automatic Email Progress Reports: Request progress reports to be automatically emailed to you on a regular basis.

  • Teacher Comments: Check comments from teachers.

Each assignment, quiz, or test is recorded by point values and letter grades. Grades are determined by calculating the percentage of total points earned, not by averaging the letter grades. Grades not yet recorded are denoted by an empty parenthesis (   ), and once recorded may change your student's cumulative grade, based on the successful completion of the assignment. Therefore, cumulative grades are subject to change. Please refer to the teacher's grading policy.   

Each day of the week is noted in the columns at the top, and each class period is denoted by a row assigned for each period. Therefore, you can see if your student has been absent for specific periods or an entire day. Each attendance code letter denotes the reason for every period or day absent. An 'A' code denotes an absence that has not been cleared and is thus considered unexcused. The following codes will help you understand the reasons for each one of your student's absences:         

A Absent 
B Suspension 
C Co-curricular 
D Discipline 
E Excused 
F Independent Study (short-term) 
H Independent Study - not completed 
I Illness 
J Independent Study - completed 
L Lice 
M Medical/dental appointment 
O Other 
P Unexcused: parent-authorized 
S Sports 
T Tardy 
X Extra-curricular 
U Unexcused - truant


You may send an email with your questions to your student's teacher whenever you see the teacher's name underlined. Point to the underlined name, click and your default email program should open with the teacher's email address displayed. In addition, communication with staff via voicemail will still be available. Click here for the staff directory. Staff reviews their voicemail and email boxes on a regular basis and may choose to reply to your message via email, written message or a telephone call.  

We ask that you abide by the same guidelines for network etiquette that you signed for your students in the Durham Unified School District Student Acceptable Use Agreement when corresponding with staff via email. These guidelines include:

  • Email is not guaranteed to be private.

  • Be polite. Never send or encourage others to send abusive messages.

  • Use accurate descriptions for your titles. Help people know the subject before they read the message.

  • Use appropriate language.

  • Be brief.

  • Make your message easy to understand, and review your message before you send it, so that it accurately reflects your meaning and is spelled correctly.

  • Remember that humor and satire are often misinterpreted in an email format.

  • Forgive the spelling and grammar errors of others.

  • Please do not use email for the following purposes:

    • Commercial purposes

    • Political activity

    • Accessing or transmitting material that is pornographic, obscene or sexually explicit

    • Accessing or transmitting material that is disparaging of others such that it may create a hostile work or educational environmental based on race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or political beliefs

    • Accessing improper confidential information concerning students or other employees

    • Sending or receiving "chain mail" messages

    • Any unlawful or unethical purpose

    • Transmitting copyrighted material without the express written authorization of the copyright holder